How to Get Around the Flavor Ban Vaping Laws In Your State With DIY E Liquid Kits

Having lived in New York State for 45 years, when I first heard about them proposing a ban on flavored nicotine e liquids, my reaction was one of bewilderment. I could not understand why they would want to put a ban on something that had helped save so many lives as an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Somewhere over the next few days, the idea hit me that there must be a way to get around these draconian flavor ban laws. So, I started doing some research on the laws that Florida, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, San Francisco and other states either are proposing or have on the books. What I found is that the language in the flavor ban laws refer to “finished” or “mixed” nicotine e liquid products. DIY E Juice is excluded from the bans however, DIY E Liquid can be very intimidating.

First, the supply list one needs to make even one bottle of e liquid is long and relatively costly. Second, there is no guarantee that in the end, the buyer is going to end up with something good they can vape. Third, there’s a lot of time and experimentation involved in getting flavors just right. Finally, there’s a lot of mess, waste and frustration associated with DIY mixtures. So, not something the average vaper is likely to get into. I wanted to provide e liquid alternatives to these States and have found a solution to the above problems. Then I started Pur-Juice to bring these products to you.

How DIY E Liquid Kits Work

Step 1:

Just put the gloves on, squeeze the contents of each of the four plastic bottles into the empty 30ml glass dropper bottle, shake and vape! No thinking required and no mess, waste or frustration.

Step 2:

Select your flavor. The hardest thing the vaper has to do is pick the flavor from among over 35 choices. The rest is so easy literally any vaper can do it.

Step 3:


What Makes Pur-Juice the Easiest DIY E Juice Flavor Concentrate with the Best Quality

Pur-Juice has kept the vaper in mind during the whole process. We have selected and tested our ingredients to provide you with the best E Juice at the best prices.

  • 100% Organic Flavoring
  • No Fillers - 4 ingredients so you know what you are getting 
  • Each item is pre-measured for ease of use
  • Over 35 organic flavors to choose from

In this way, we have created a way for the average vaper who lives in an area currently under a flavored e liquid flavor ban to get the exact same quality of premium e liquid they would get from walking into a brick and mortar store and buying a 30ml bottle. But, because they cannot do this, we have provided the next best thing!

For information on the flavor ban laws in your State click here.

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