E Liquid FAQs

How can your E Liquid Flavor Ban Kits be shipped to any state, even those with a flavored e liquid ban?

Our E Liquid Flavor Ban Kits contain four separate, pre-measured ingredients along with an empty 30ml glass dropper bottle. Therefore, they do not qualify as a "finished e liquid or flavored nicotine product" which is what state flavor ban laws are generally prohibiting. Since we are not shipping you any finished e liquid or flavored nicotine product, we can ship our DIY e liquid kits to any state/city, including but not limited to FL, MA, MT, NJ, NY, RI, FL and San Francisco, NYC.

What is vape juice?

E liquids are made up of 4 simple ingredients: VG, PG, Flavor, Nicotine

What's the difference between vape juice and e liquid?

Nothing. The terms can be used interchangeably and mean the same thing.

What is VG?

VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. This ingredient is responsible for making the thick clouds everyone loves when they vape.


What is PG?

PG stands for Propylene Glycol. This ingredient is mostly responsible for "carrying" the flavor in your e-juice.


What is in your flavorings?

Our flavorings are 100% USDA Certified Organic. They only contain 100% pure organic flavor extract and in some cases, a very small amount of proprietary organically de-bittered Stevia sweetener to bring out the flavor profiles. NEVER any added chemicals, colors or preservatives.

Sweetener… How much should I use?

If you use a sweetener you will have to guess the amount for each flavor profile you make. However, Pur-Juice has figured that out, too. If sweetener is needed, it will already be included in your pre-measured 100% organic flavor bottle, so you never have to guess.

What are e liquid sweeteners made of?

Most sweeteners are a chemical compound manufactured in a lab. Most e juices on the market use either liquid Sucralose or Ethyl Maltol. Pur-Juice uses a proprietary, de-bittered 100% organic liquid Stevia to naturally sweeten our 100% organic flavors. Doesn’t that make sense that it should be as natural, pure and safe as possible?

With DIY e juice, is it difficult to mix the ingredients correctly?

Finding the right formula can be a bit tricky and complicated, but with Pur-Juice, there is no chance for error. All four ingredients come to you pre-measured.

To make your own e juice, do you need extra equipment?

Pur-Juice does not require any extra equipment. Everything you need will be contained in each boxed flavor ban kit. Other companies recommend scales, graduated cylinders, syringes and more to get a “relatively accurate” mixing process.

How much e liquid does each kit make?

Each Pur-Juice e liquid flavor ban kit makes 30ml of premium e liquid. It will be as if you bought a 30ml bottle of premium e liquid right off the vape shop shelf!

What toxins are in vape juice?

Since vape juice is made up of 4 simple ingredients (VG, PG, Flavoring, liquid nicotine), there are no “toxins” in vape juice per se. However, in some cases, depending on the manufacturer, there could be higher levels of things such as Diacetyl and chemical sweeteners. Also, according to recent studies done both abroad and in the United States, vaping has been determined to be 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

What is the safest vape liquid?

We believe that a vape liquid that contains only USP/Kosher/Food Grade VG, PG and liquid nicotine along with 100% Organic Flavoring and Sweetener is the safest to way to vape. Just like the food you put in your body, having the best ingredients is important.

Should you shake vape juice?

Yes, it’s always best to mix up your vape juice prior to filling a pod or tank device or dripping on an RDA. Shaking will ensure that everything is mixed properly and you get the best flavor and nicotine satisfaction.

Why can't I taste the flavor in my vape?

Muted flavor can depend on many factors and be caused by many things. However, these are the most common reasons and good places to start:

  1. Coil - your coil is past its useable life and is no longer providing the flavor that a new coil can - change your coil.
  2. Incorrect Wattage - it’s possible that you’re just not vaping the juice at a wattage that pleases your taste buds - try increasing or decreasing wattage and see if this makes a difference.
  3. Incorrect Airflow - try adjusting your airflow. This can affect RDAs, tanks and pod systems with adjustable airflow settings. Too much air can make the flavor seem weak. Too little air and you won’t get the vaporization you’re looking for to produce good flavor. Airflow is often a very touchy thing so adjust a little at a time to see what works best for you.
  4. Cotton Wicking - if you’re dripping with an RDA, try changing your cotton wicking. When the coil has no cotton in it, try firing until it glows to burn off any residual buildup that may have occurred during vaping and re-wick with fresh cotton. Drip the new cotton with your juice and see if this helps.
  5. Pod Systems - you may just need a new pod. If it starts to taste either very muted or even a bit burned, you’ve got a telltale sign that you need a new pod. As mentioned above, you can also try adjusting your airflow to see if that improves your flavor experience.
  6. Vape Tongue” - this is a phenomenon that vapers report that is very similar to nose-blindness. Keep smelling the same thing over and over and you will no longer smell it; with vaping, keep vaping the same flavor over and over and you may no longer be able to taste it. However, as bad as this sounds, do not worry. All you need to do is change up the flavor you are vaping for a little while and your vape tongue to the previous flavor should go away.

Why does my vape juice turn yellow?

There a few possibilities here:

  1. Is the e liquid turning yellow in the bottle? It could be a sign of “oversteeping” and this typically happens over time. This can be the result of the e-juice being exposed to too much air or light or the e juice has simply outlasted its "shelf life". The flavor and nicotine potency could be starting to degrade. With Pur-Juice E Liquid Flavor Ban Kits, there is no chance of your juice being overstepped when you purchase it. You are mixing the ingredients yourself so the vape juice can’t any more fresh. We recommend letting your newly mixed juice steep for 3 days for best flavor, however, you can absolutely shake and vape it!
  2. We have found that the level of nicotine and the type of nicotine (VG-based or PG-based) can have different effects on the color of your juice. For example, 0mg nic juice that we use for flavor testing purposes steeps a lot clearer than that with nicotine added. And, we have noticed a darker steeping color as the amount of nicotine in the e juice increases.
  3. Is the e juice turning yellow in your tank/pod?

    This is just a natural process occurring as the e juice is so close to the heat of the coil that it literally speeds up the steeping process right in your tank/pod. No worries though, you’ll use it fast enough in one tank that it won’t matter. But, let it sit too long and it’s best to empty your tank/pod and start with fresh e liquid.

Which vape is least harmful?

We believe that a vape liquid that contains only USP/Kosher/Food Grade VG, PG and liquid nicotine along with 100% Organic Flavoring and Sweetener is the least harmful. Just like the food you put in your body, having the best ingredients is important.

What should you avoid in e liquid?

Diacetyl, artificial flavors, artificial colors, preservatives. An e liquid manufactured by a company that isn’t disclosing all of the ingredients in their e liquids.

Is there chemical free vape juice?

Yes, if these are the juices you are looking for, you have found the right place. All of our vape juices are chemical free. We use only Kosher/USP/Food Grade VG, PG and the absolute finest liquid nicotine available on the market today. Our flavors and sweetener are 100% organic.

What is the healthiest e liquid?

That is a bit of a trick question. We are not saying that vaping is healthy. However, we believe the healthiest e liquid is one that contains only USP/Kosher/Food Grade VG, PG and liquid nicotine along with 100% Organic Flavoring and Sweetener. Just like the food you put in your body, having the best ingredients is important. Also, there are several reliable studies done both abroad and in the United States that show vaping is 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. But again, nobody at Pur-Juice is saying vaping is "healthy".

Are your SALT nicotine e-liquids available in 50mg nicotine strength?

Our salt nicotine e-liquids are available in 18mg and 25mg nicotine strengths and come with a very satisfying throat-hit. All of our SALT nicotine e-juices have a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

Why does the expert tip inside my e liquid kit recommend letting your newly mixed vape juice steep for 3 days for best flavor? Do I have to wait 3 days before I can vape my new juice?

To answer the second question first, you DO NOT need to wait 3 days. You can just mix the ingredients, SHAKE WELL and vape right away. The tip is there to let you know that letting your juice steep for 3 days will allow the ingredients to further combine and the flavors in the profile to meld a bit more. You’ll get great flavor right away as a shake-and-vape and even more amazing flavor in a few days. Expert Expert tip from @lordrogue1 (Instagram): let your juice steep in the refrigerator if you really want your mind blown!

What is Diacetyl?

Diacetyl is an artificial chemical used mostly to give microwave popcorn that super buttery taste. Workers in factories where microwave popcorn is manufactured have been diagnosed with “popcorn lung”. Flavors containing Diacetyl have also been added to some e juices to either provide that butter flavor or enhance certain notes of other flavors in the juice. No Diacetyl is ever added to any Pur-Juice e liquid.

What is liquid sucralose?

Sucralose is also known to the consumer market as Splenda. Liquid sucralose is added to almost all e juices as a product called “super sweet” to make them well, super sweet. One of the potential issues is that liquid sucralose needs to be suspended in a small amount of oil. Another is that the heating of sucralose has been reported to cause the production of some chemicals similar to those found in analog cigarettes. At Pur-Juice, we use a proprietary blend of organic liquid Stevia sweetener and an organic debittering agent to 100% naturally sweeten the organic flavor profiles of our juices. None of our juices contain any liquid sucralose or suspending oils.

How quickly will my order ship?

We do our very best to ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. For orders placed by 1:00pm MST, we will make sure your order ships the SAME DAY. When your order has shipped, you will receive an email notification with a USPS tracking number.

Can you recycle the packaging?

Everything sent to you by Pur-Juice is recyclable. In fact, it’s all made from recycled materials. Our box is even made from 100% recycled hemp.

How do you customize the throat-hit, smooth or intense?

That is a little secret we have here at Pur-Juice... What we'll tell you is that the nicotine level is exactly the same between for example, a 6mg smooth and a 6mg intense e-juice, but you WILL experience more of a throat-hit with the intense than the smooth.

Is the smooth or intense throat hit option available in both freebase and salt nicotine e-juice formulas?

Only freebase e-liquids have the option to choose between a smooth or intense throat hit. The VG/PG ratios in salt nicotine solutions don't allow for this option in our salt e-liquids.