New York State Laws Regarding Flavored Vape Juice and Flavored Nicotine E Liquid

On May 18, 2020, the New York State flavor ban laws took effect, no longer allowing the purchase of pre-mixed flavored eliquid. 

Pur-Juice DIY mix kits provide you a legal way to get ejuice delivered to your door in New York state now that the ban has taken effect.

Here is everything you need to know about it and what it means for you and the way you can get your favorite vape juice shipped right to your door legally.

First, here are some of the questions we are hearing most from our customers in NY:

Are flavored Vapes and Eliquid banned in New York?

As of May 18, 2020 all flavored nicotine products are banned, including all flavored e liquids, flavored e juices, closed pod systems, and disposables. The exception is menthol and tobacco flavored e juices, pods, and disposables.

Can you buy flavored vape juice in New York?

The last day to purchase flavored vape juice containing nicotine (except menthol and tobacco flavors) if you live in NYS/NYC is 5/17/20. On 5/18/20 or after, if you want to vape flavored e juice, you will need to purchase a DIY e liquid kit.

What Vapes are banned in New York?

Technically, the only “vapes” themselves that are banned as of 5/18/20, as far as hardware goes in New York State, are flavored disposables. You can still purchase mods, tanks, RDAs/RTAs/Drippers, and open pod systems, you just can’t purchase flavored e juices (except menthol and tobacco flavors) to go in them. If you live in NYS and want to continue to vape flavored vape juice after 5/18, you will need to purchase a DIY e juice kit.

How do Pur-Juice DIY E Liquid Kits circumvent the NYS flavor ban laws in a legal manner?

The language in the flavor ban law refers to “finished” or “mixed” nicotine e liquid products only. DIY E Juice is excluded from the ban and so our our kits!

What is the process to switch over from pre-mixed E Liquids to your DIY vape juice kits?

There really isn’t much of a process. Just order your favorite flavors from us on our e liquid flavor ban kit page, instead of the pre-mixed 30ml bottle page. All of the same great flavors are there as well as all of the same options so you can be sure you’ll end up with the same exact bottle of juice you’re used to when you’re done.

Here are the 3 easy steps to mix your ejuice!

Step 1: 
Select your flavor. Feel good knowing that the ingredients that are used in the 30ml pre-mixed e juices you love are the same exact ingredients we include in our premium DIY e juice kits.

Step 2: 
When your kit arrives, just put the gloves on, squeeze the pre-measured contents of each of the four plastic bottles into the empty 30ml glass dropper bottle, shake and vape! No thinking required and no mess, waste or frustration.

Step 3: 

What is the delivery time?

At Pur-Juice we are committed to getting your order out the door and to you as quickly as possible. With that in mind, if you place your order by 11 am MST/1 pm EST M-F, we will fulfill and ship it SAME DAY.

The shipping time is really up to you. You can choose the least expensive standard delivery (free when you order $45 or more) or a faster, faster more expensive option.

Please note: Shipping rates and delivery times are calculated in real-time from the shipper and are out of the control of Pur-Juice. Shipping times during COVID-19 may be slightly longer than normal (except guaranteed 2-day or overnight).

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What does the vape ban mean?

  • UPDATED May 6, 2020 - It was announced today that the flavor ban will take effect on MAY 18, 2020, much earlier than the original anticipated date of July 1, 2020. Please noteMAY 17, 2020 is the LAST DAY to purchase pre-mixed, flavored e liquids in New York State (NYS), including New York City (NYC). Stock up now and then look to Pur-Juice for all of your DIY e juice needs so you can continue to vape flavors even after the ban takes effect.

  • UPDATED April 4, 2020- Governor Cuomo signs the NYS FY 2021 Budget on 4/3/20 which includes the legislation outlined below banning all finished flavored e liquid products except menthol and tobacco. Ban is expected to take effect July 1, 2020 (which was already the expected date of the NYC flavor ban proposed by Mayor Bill DeBlasio to take effect).

  • February 20, 2020 - Governor Cuomo Launches Campaign to Ban Flavored Nicotine Vaping Products and Restrict Vaping Ads Aimed at Youth

  • Launches New Hashtag #NoVapeNY, Petitionand New Website to Encourage New Yorkers to Show Their Support for Anti-Smoking and Anti-Vaping Legislation

  • Specifics of the flavored e liquid ban legislation in NY include:

Banning the Sale of Flavored Nicotine Vaping Products

The Governor introduced legislation banning the sale of all flavored nicotine vaping products, including menthol 

Limit Online Sale of Vaping Products

As of July 1, 2020 legislation will take effect restricting the online, phone and mail order sale of e-liquids and e-cigarettes only to licensed vaping product retailers. Only registered retailers would be allowed to purchase e-cigarettes using those methods.

Our understanding of the specifics of this law is that in order to be included in this online sale ban, the product must be able to be vaped all by itself. Since we are sending you the four ingredients un-mixed and you will mix them, there is nothing in our kit that can be vaped by itself. Therefore, we WILL continue to sell and ship our kits to vapers 21 years of age or older in NYS.

Restrict Vaping Ads Targeted to Youth

The Governor's legislation will restrict vaping-related ads targeted to youth, including those in more traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers and magazines, as well as in digital formats in periodicals, social media and on websites with significant youth viewership. Advertisers will also not be allowed to make vaping product safety claims or pitch vaping products as smoking cessation options without FDA-approval.


Ban Harmful Unregulated Carrier Oils

Essentially, Governor Cuomo has ignored all of the findings by the CDC and others that the Vitamin E acetate that was responsible for the hospitalizations and deaths mentioned below came from illegal, black-market THC cartridges. He or more likely those feeding him this misinformation are also saying that said Vitamin E acetate is used in nicotine e liquids and to the best of my knowledge, this has never been the case. Reason is simple, why would anyone use Vitamin E acetate in nicotine e liquid when the four ingredients that are used to make legitimate nicotine e liquid are less expensive than the Vitamin E acetate? They wouldn't. This only makes sense when the Vitamin E acetate is used to dilute the THC oil as Vitamin E acetate is much less expensive than THC oil. So, the story being fed to everyone by the Governor and the media just doesn't add up. Anyone with any logic should question why anyone would do what the Governor is saying they are with nicotine e liquid. Here is what the website has to say: 
"Following the alarming number of hospitalizations and deaths involving patients who had reported a history of using e-cigarettes or vaping products, Vitamin E acetate — which is sometimes used as an e-liquid diluent — has been identified as a chemical of concern. In order to quickly respond to the proliferation of these dangerous, untested and unregulated chemicals used in vaping related products, the Governor will also advance legislation to empower the Department of Health to ban the sale of vaping carrier oils that include chemicals or ingredients that when inhaled through a vaping device are deemed to be dangerous and a significant public health risk."

Finally, Governor Cuomo has this to say - "This is a scourge on our state and our nation: if these chemicals don't kill you, you wind up addicted to nicotine."  My God. The horror ;)

New York City (NYC) Flavor Ban

With the above taking precedent over all of New York State, a separate New York City flavor ban has become moot.

  • The New York City Council voted 42-2 to adopt the ban on flavored vaping products on November 26, 2019.
  • Mayor DeBlasio supports this measure and it is expected to be implemented in July 2020, however, it is likely it will face legal challenges.