Our Mission

At Pur-Juice, our mission is simple - We believe wholeheartedly that vaping e-juice containing nicotine is much less harmful than smoking cigarettes. We will provide the highest quality, handcrafted, small-batch, premium e liquids to any adult over 21 years of age that wants to vape them as a healthier alternative to cigarettes regardless of what state they live in, as permitted by loopholes we have found in various state e liquid flavor ban laws. We will do our very best to continue to stay up-to-date with state laws regarding flavor bans, post relevant information to our website and keep premium flavored e juice coming your way.


I quit smoking cigarettes almost 8 years ago because I was able to vape flavored e liquid with nicotine. My health is all the proof I need to know what this very cool video shows - 

Smoking vs Vaping 

 Thanks to Chris Notap for making this video.

Here’s a study by PHE that says the same thing:

Public Health England publishes independent expert e-cigarettes evidence review

Recently, mainly out of concerns for our health spurred by ongoing media coverage of the vaping-related lung illness cases (which turned out to be completely bogus, by the way) we went on a knowledge-crusade to find out exactly what was in the e juice we were buying at local vape shops and online.

We were disappointed to find that most e liquid manufacturers simply state “Natural and/or artificial colors/flavors” on the bottle with no explanation of whether or not those natural and/or artificial colors/flavors contain any other additives or chemicals. Specifically, there is a chemical called Diacetyl used in many e juices that is a chemical used to give butter-like and other flavors to food products, including popcorn. Diacetyl has been reported to cause lung problems in workers in factories that produce microwave popcorn (i.e. “popcorn lung”). In addition, the use of liquid sucralose as an artificial sweetener also seems prevalent throughout the industry. Even though the liquid sucralose is water-soluble itself, it is often suspended in an oil for use in food recipes that, when vaped, has been reported as a potential problem. Again, these are potential problems. Vaping simply hasn’t been around long enough to truly know the long term effects any of the substances in e liquids have on the lungs and other parts of the human body.

However, for us, once we realized that the vast majority of e liquid out there likely has artificial flavor enhancers, we decided to make our own out of only the very finest all-natural, organic/Kosher/USP ingredients with no artificial sweeteners or other added chemicals so we never had to guess again. Then we took the time to hand-craft our flavor profiles that are straightforward yet fun and exciting.

What has resulted is some of the best-tasting, most pure e liquid. Period. And we want to share it with you and your friends and your family. Anyone that wants to vape instead of smoke, as long as they’re over 21 years of age. Anyway, we would love it if you would try our juice and help spread the word about our new company and cause.

Thanks and happy vaping!

Chris, Pur-Juice Co-Owner