Why Pur-Juice?

1. Flavor Profiles 

We got just a little bit tired of all the e liquids out there with flavors mixed together that probably shouldn't be. We couldn't find many straightforward but FUN e liquid flavor profiles anymore so we started creating our own. Honest e juice, honest flavor. We use only 100% Certified Organic flavors with no added chemicals, artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. 

2. Freshness

Ever gone into a vape shop and wondered how long that bottle of e juice has been sitting there? It's not their fault... they're not quite sure what will sell faster than something else all the time. But, that's not your fault either. Over time, factors such as heat and light can oxidize and degrade the potency and taste of liquid nicotine. We take all the necessary steps and handcraft our e liquids in small batches to ensure our nicotine and other ingredients are as fresh as they can be when they arrive to you for the most satisfying, flavorful vape. With our e liquid flavor kits, you know the juice can't get any more fresh since you're mixing the ingredients yourself.

3. Flavor Ban Friendly Kits

We ship our Premium E Liquids un-mixed as an easy-to-use kit to ANY state!

We are the only company we know of that creates organic flavor profiles and then deconstructs the formula and ships it to you as four (4) separate premium ingredients plus a 30ml Pur-Juice bottle to mix it in. Everything is pre-measured so there's no guesswork or waste!

We've done the research and read through all of the state bills regarding e liquid flavor bans. What we've found is that our unmixed product does not qualify as a fully manufactured product, therefore it does not fall into the banned category. You can get more info about state flavor bans here.

4. Smooth vs Intense Throat Hit

(freebase e-liquids only)

We realize that some of you want a vape without much of a throat hit, while others want a more intense throat hit. At Pur-Juice, we give you the freedom to choose your freebase e-liquid throat hit, smooth or intense. Same nicotine level, same satisfaction, different throat hit. It's part of the magic of Pur-Juice custom creating each order to suit each of our customers' individual needs.

5. Truly-VisibleTM VG/PG Ratio

All Pur-Juice Freebase e-liquids have a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, while all Pur-Juice SALT Nic e-liquids have a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, for best flavor and clouds. You can easily see this because we send you each of the four all-natural ingredients separately. We source only the very finest USP/Kosher/Food Grade VG, PG and nicotine so you get the full-flavor, thick clouds and satisfaction you're looking for in every vape.

So... why Pur-Juice?

You get amazing flavor, full nicotine potency and thick clouds with our premium handcrafted all-natural e liquids with 100% USDA Certified Organic flavors. There's NO artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or added chemicals. You'll never have to guess again what's in your e juice or how fresh it is. If live in a flavor ban state or otherwise purchase a kit, it’s really fun and satisfying to make your own e liquid! Stay free with Pur-Juice.

The choice is yours - will you Make It Pur?

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